How to download Facebook Videos Online

There are tones of videos on facebook which you would like to download on your computer or laptop or ipad. The standard solution for this is to use IDM(Internet Download Manager), but what if you are not using Windows OS. IDM is not available for other Operating Systems. So is something that you need, it is an Online Facebook video Read more [...]

How to use ConfessionDaddy to manage facebook confession pages. is a WebApp for facebook confession page's admins to manage their confession pages. Now days confession page admins use Google doc for posting confessions and share that docs among the other admins(in case their are more than one admin) of the same page. But each time when any confessor post a confession, confession page admin Read more [...]

How to change Hostname and Username in Ubuntu

While installing Ubuntu you are asked to enter your Username and Computer's name(hostname), but Hostname can be changed anytime by editing the "/etc/hosts" and "/etc/hostname"  file. Username can also be changed  by just one single command. Lets see how to change hostname and username in Ubuntu each of them one by one. Changing Hostname Step Read more [...]

How to add/delete user to Group in Ubuntu 12.10/13.04

In Ubuntu user account can be created from both GUI or terminal.Ubuntu allows multiple users to have administrative rights and they can belong to some group that you add.Managing users and groups is much easier in Ubuntu relative to other OS.Here I am going use "adduser"  instead of "useradd" because adduser is recommended by Ubuntu and it automatically Read more [...]

How to import SQL database file into MySQL in Ubuntu

In this post I am going to write about how to import SQL database file into MySQL in Ubuntu.The correct phrase would be how to import sql dump file into MySQL in Ubuntu. Anyway the purpose is same i.e to import external database into MySQL. So cutting a long story short, let's just walk through the steps for importing SQL database. Step 1: Login Read more [...]

How to Configure Django with MySQL in Ubuntu

I have been working with Django (web development) framework from last many days and i thought of writing something that might help beginners(i'm also beginner in Django). Installing Django is not a difficult task, I hope you already have installed Django in your Ubuntu, if not then see the post for installing Django in Ubuntu. So in this post i'm going Read more [...]

How to set up Dual Monitors in Ubuntu 12.10 /12.04/11.10

I have Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop whose display size is 15 inches, and it becomes complex when I work on multiple workspaces. So i bought Dell IN2030M monitor with 20 inches LED display. I connected monitor to my laptop through VGA cable and enabled extended desktop mode. Now my life became much easier since it became easy to manage all the windows Read more [...]

Chrome 23 for Ubuntu 12.10 / 12.04 :Download & Install

Recently on 6th November 2012 Chrome's latest version "Chrome 23.0.1271" was released. This time the significant changes that has been made are Added Do Not Track preference Hardware video acceleration with 25% more efficient power consumption Manager for site permission control Do Not Track was promised by Google long back but now they finally Read more [...]

How to make downloads faster in IDM

I have been using  internet Download Manager for years (around 5) and did not find any other better application tool for downloading videos or files. IDM takes all your bandwidth and downloads files very fast.But when you are connected to Internet through LAN (mostly in colleges or in offices), then your IDM might not be downloading at much faster Read more [...]